Fermentation monitoring system

We’re lifting the lid
on fermentation

With a non-invasive, real time, data-driven fermentation management tool for the beer industry.
Ease to use

A modern, data-driven solution

Our non-invasive device attaches to your fermentation tanks. It gathers data to give you highly accurate reports and let’s you see what’s really happening in your tanks in real time.


Attached directly to your tanks, our sensor device never comes into contact with your brew


Our device gathers data from 6 parameters for highly accurate reports and easy batch repetition


Get real-time data on key fermentation parameters to any device, without being in the lab

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Create exceptional products every batch

Whether you’re experimenting with new recipes or creating a new batch of your best-selling beer, our platform enables you to compare real time data with different batches. And that means you enjoy faster recipe implementation, improved quality control, and consistently happy customers.
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Save time with remote monitoring

Our platform gives you access to essential fermentation parameters usually measured through time-consuming manual sampling and lab work. Our non-invasive device keeps an eye on fermentation and lets you check on things wherever you are, even from home.
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Increase production with the same set up

With our solution there’s no need to purchase more tanks to increase production. Real time data analysis gives you better insight to the whole production process meaning you can start a new batch as soon as the platform tells you the current fermentation is finished.

Non-invasive device

Easily swap which tanks you’re monitoring with our externally mounted device.

Instant alerts

Get push notifications direct to your chosen device whenever an unexpected change occurs.

Easy data access

The easy-to-use platform shows the data you want whenever you need it.

Easy batch comparison

Batch data is stored on the Zymoscope cloud, making it easy for your team to view and compare batches.

Accurate data collection

Modern sensor technology and sophisticated algorithms ensure highly accurate reports for easy process repetition.

Simple affordable solution

No big upfront investments, complicated tools or high maintenance costs. Simply install and pay as you go with Zymoscope.

Zymoscope combines innovative tech and data insights to lift the lid on fermentation

A mix of data,
tech and food

Zymoscope are a team of entrepreneurs and scientists based in Copenhagen, Denmark changing the way the food and beverage industry sees and utilizes fermentation.

Using data and IoT technology to monitor the fermentation process in real time, Zymoscope created an easy-to-use, scalable product that enables less wasteful production processes.

Founded in 2019 by Petros, Mads and Jens, Zymoscope began life as a tech-based quality control solution for Danish microbreweries and successfully launched the first industry pilot in May 2020. But the vision doesn’t stop at craft beer - as Zymoscope continues to succeed, the team are already planning to expand across the whole food and beverage industry.

Lifting the lid with us

Businesses, breweries and investors collaborating with Zymoscope.

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